🤝 Mint-Now-Pay-Later (MNPL) Post-Mortem Analysis 🕵️‍♀️

Finding trust in a “trustless” environment

Gm. We are very excited to share the details and results of our first set of experiments on trust in the Solana ecosystem.😎

  1. Participants of opt-in to the program by registering and providing a bit of their personal information e.g. wallet address, DiscordID and Twitter handle + answer short questions (psychometrics-inspired…but tweaked to crypto context)
  2. Selection happens (round 1 was quite random, round 2 we loosely picked based on our initial unsupervised learning model w/o any bad flag training whatsoever)
  3. After selection, we airdropped 1 OG Atadian NFT straight to the wallets of selected participants and asked them to pay back 1.5 SOL (cost of public mint) plus extra money they desire to pay for the convenience service by the deadline.

Can we go deeper ?

  1. What kind or how frequent of transactions did they make?
  2. How long did they own the wallet / NFTs?
  3. Interactions with other wallets
  4. Social activities apart from just web of wallets
NMV analysis separately between round 1 and 2
  • The Default group tends to be more of “the Taker” (NMV > 0) regardless of the experiment round.
  • For Non-Default groups, round 1 participants are most likely the Taker but the opposite trend is observed in round 2. Among this Non-Default group of round 2, the NMV is relatively higher for those holding top-rank NFTs.

Default Cases

You know who you are…you’re practically like the only guy/gal who didn’t pay us back….
Good graphs…good vibes

A few words on debt collection…

Ok…So What’s Next?

Your DAOs will be so proud of you
  1. Product-market fit ==> finding the right type of credit products to do experiments with
  2. Population ==> defining the right sort of population we try to get at and the type of “bad flags” we want to model against
  3. Process ==> designing the right process that fit with the 2P’s above
  4. PFPscore v0 ==> calculating the first set of PFPscore based on a few rounds of experiment results along with “existing bads” from data provided by our partners (rug-pulls and known scams)
We conducted some polling to get a sense of what ppl might want



Atadia is a Web3 User Profile Analytics company based on Solana

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