Atadia: Updated Roadmap (2022Q2–Q3)


First of all, we would like to say “thank you 🙏” to our holders, supporters, and customers from the bottom of our hearts.

It’s been only around 2 months from mint and we’ve already done so much 🚀🚀. This would never be possible without you or if we had chosen a different path to build in the dark.

Looking back, we were probably the first (or we were the only one brave enough) to run Mint-Now-Pay-Later (MNPL) and Atadian Lending Lab Experiment which provided unsecured loans to anyone with a wallet address.

Since mint, Atadia is now running 24/7 across the continents and still hiring. We’ve expanded at least 3x and been so fortunate to get to work with some of our top holders who bring with them not only passion to innovate the credit system and commerce but also years of TradFi, Data Science, and Consumer Tech experience.

👉 If you haven’t already, check out “Team Atadia” channel in our Discord for their awesome bios.

Looking ahead, we would like to outline what the next few months will look like for Atadia and how these pieces fit together into the grander goal in this article.

1: Eye on the Ball

With such violent macro conditions in May and the fast-changing metas, it is important to reflect back on our roots, our purpose, and what game we’re actually playing.

This is our vision 👇

Atadia envisions a Web3 Economy that is truly borderless, efficient, fully-flourished with ecosystem players, while still keeping it human-centric.

To get all of us there, we see 4 fundamental blockers on the pathway.

👉 First, Atadia strives to solve all of these challenges with data science and collective wisdom.

Not one method or the other. Both.

👉 Second, the ball we’re chasing is a superior Web3, AI-level analytics capability.

With this vision and focus in mind, the “target capability” for Atadia by end of 2022 is the following:

For any public wallet address, Atadia fetches all other wallets that probabilistically belong to the same owner and produces insights related (but not limited) to:

Reputation, Credit Worthiness, Commerce & Investment Preferences, and more …

…while rewarding data owners and allowing individuals the option to maintain anonymity.

We’re not fully there yet, but that’s our goal. It’s a powerful capability to have if we do indeed achieve it.

We will start with Solana, but plan to scale elsewhere when appropriate.

2: PFPscore V0

Building the Backbone for a fully-functional Web3 Economy

“PFPscore” is a dynamic score that captures trust and reputation of wallet owners based on behavioral data on-chain and off. Its use-cases span from credit risk to reputation-gated services.

We’re happy to share that PFPscore V0 will soon be ready for public release in the coming days/weeks. The current formula that we use to generate this V0 comes from three components.

  1. Reputation metrics
  • Prosocial behaviors & undesirable behaviors suggested and discussed in AtaDAO
  • Receiving the Atadian Handshake NFTs

2. Credit Worthiness

  • MNPL results
  • Repayment and Delinquency data
  • Web2, Web3 data linkages

3. Blacklist Background Checks

  • We’re actively building a blacklist database from rug-pulls and scam reports — we’re looking into a more systematic reporting tool to speed this up
  • Default status with Atadia and our DeFi partners

🎯 Here are some reasons why someone might want to maintain a high PFPscore.

  1. Proof-of-Reputation: getting your DMs replied, getting hired on Web3, safer P2P trading, founder audits at launchpads, and more
  2. Exclusive WL: WL by being Good w/o the Grind or fear of getting Permabanned by the ecosystem
  3. Credit Perks: Higher PFPscore enables access to better DeFi, liquidity and lending offers through our DeFi partners and the Atadia Lending Lab
  4. Retail Perks: Higher PFPscore enables access to deals and special retail arrangements such as installments and buy-now-pay-later
  5. Pure Honor: trust & reputation is invaluable, make your mama proud :)

We aim to periodically hold AtaDAO’s votes/polls on PFPscore Component Weights to calibrate the score formula as we go.

3: Atadian Pass

Platinum Tier Atadian Pass

APIs are practical, but IMO our work doesn’t feel complete without minting something. It just doesn’t scream “Web3” enough 😂.

Introducing “Atadian Pass.”

👉 Atadian Passes are NFTs that welcome you to the realms of new possibilities from within the ecosystem of your favorite projects.

The coolest thing is, these new possibilities and perks are powered by you and everyone else in the ecosystem, while Atadia does all the homework (lots of glass-eating kind of homework).

PFPscore (measures reputation), Web3 Credit Score (measures credit worthiness), and PoLo Diamond Hand Score (measures long-term holding behavior) are among the first set of metrics to be minted onto these passes.

We envision the future where Atadian Pass holders can use it to flex, validate their self-worth, get a better deal on marketplaces, swipe to get better credit offers, or simply hold it to receive WL spots from our participating partners without grinding away their lives.

🎯 There will be multiple tiers of Atadian Passes and all will have different skins 🔥.

🎯 The principle we ❤️ is to have everyone start with “basic tier” and climb up based on their conduct and interactions with our ecosystem to enjoy tier-specific perks. This is so that we all don’t feel like crap + inadequate all the time like IRL. For this reason, tiers are not going to be perfectly related to PFPscore or Web3 Credit Score from the get-go.

🎯 Atadian Pass holders will get access to parts of AtaDAO but do not get the same level of access as OG Atadian NFT holders.

👀 Look out for more details when we launch this awesome invention soon!

4: Atadian Handshake NFTs

Building Trust in a “Trustless Environment” one handshake at a time

Initially, we kicked off a fun way to get at “hidden trust information” among individuals by spreading the Proof-of-Handshake (PoHS) tokens around pre-mint to see how trust spreads across the ecosystem in ways that cannot be observed on or off-chain.

We’ve decided to upgrade the PoHS to maximize visibility and call-to-action impact.

This new version will come with better written instructions and hopefully appear at the top of your wallet UI (of course we planned it long ago to build a project that starts with an “A” so it shows up before anything else 😎)

Get ready to send and receive the newly updated Atadian Handshake NFTs shortly after we launch PFPscore V0 and Atadian Pass 🤝.

5: Revealing Pillar-2 “AlphaBook”

We alluded to doing retail analytics before in previous AMA’s. It looks like no matter what SOL/USD price is…you degens are still very much addicted to minting and NFT shopping 😂. So this is more or less official now.

With the same data infrastructure that powers PFPscore, Atadia will be building AlphaBook Solutions to help match the right digital assets to the right consumers on Web3 and vice-versa.

Think of AlphaBook as a playbook for Web3 Commerce Analytics.

At its core, there are two main components for AlphaBook:

Component 1: Product-Persona “YellowPage”: a lead generation machinery that finds wallets based on desired persona, removing the blindness in the operation of future dApps.

Upgraded PoLo UI

— Our mini product, Proof-of-Loyalty (PoLo) above is an early example of this effort to help new projects allocate WL spots by ranking applicants based on their diamond hand behaviors.

👉 Since we launched PoLo Beta a few weeks ago, we’ve helped collections worth over $3M to allocate their WL spots smarter and we are onboarding new collections with PoLo every single day.

Component 2: Investor Preferences Estimation System (IPES): a system that answers not “what” people buy but “why” people buy things. Essentially, IPES quantifies preferences for NFT traits (color, skin, attire, style, DC & Twitter hype, etc) and answers questions like
— “How much does rarity really matter for collection X?”
— “Are laser eyes really that highly sought-after?
— “When FG and Gaius randomly find each other in a new server 1-day before mint, does that mean it’ll moon really hard? (jk we won’t do this but it’s probably true)

All of these help craft additional personas to augment #1 above.

I’ve done this IRL with equities and derivatives. Why not NFTs and tokens? This should be so much more fun🔥

The movement from e-commerce to decentralized/Metaverse commerce is still nascent. But we’ll be there in full-force when it’s here 💪 .

6. Community and the “Atadia Brand”

I’ve written before that the power of community is one aspect of NFTs that surprised me the most. The quality and speed of feedback for Atadia has been absolutely unreal (see my Web3 founder lessons thread here).

This is a dream for any tech company because our greatest asset isn’t the algorithms. It’s the human capital. And we’re lucky to have at least 18.5K people backing us up 💪💪💪

This is also reflected in our hiring. Since mint, we’ve hired at least 10 holders, many of whom hold the role “Basilisk Cardinals” (holding 15+ OG Atadians).

👉 For this reason, we’ve made the decision to further cultivate this great asset by building “Atadia Brand” to converge all the moving parts of this mega-complex project and unify our holders through shared values, interests, and perks that resonate well with the Atadian family ❤️

🎯 Atadia as a Brand 🤔 — While most joined Atadia because of the utility and investment prospects, when you think about it…we actually do have great foundations for a strong brand!

✅ Insane + unique art
✅ NFT is already a PFP type of art
✅ Utility
✅ Tokens
✅ Evolution (in the works)
✅ Merch
✅ Incredible Alpha write ups & WL opportunities (almost 400 projects in a month-ish 🤯 )
✅ Intense trading and investment education content
✅ Human capital
✅ Built-out Story/Lore

👉 I believe there is a real, valuable brand identity niche that Atadia can craft.

While we’re not always the loudest (our holders tend to be older (30s to 40s 😂 ) than the avg NFT investors and lead rather busy lives), we are united by our passion in data technologies and the spirit of advancing the frontier of Web3 economy together as a collective business.

For me, rocking an OG Atadian PFP reminds me that I’m not alone. I’m part of a cool data-minded group of folks pioneering new ways to make credit and commerce function better each day. And at home, I know that there’re always cool WL opps, lore that I dig, and thought-provoking discussions to be enjoyed with other fellow Atadians.

I don’t know how others feel, but I’m excited to see where this road leads to.

Here are some major action plans:

  1. Upside-Down Board — Typically the Board of Directors serves as a consciousness to the management (our team). At Atadia, we will treat all the 18.5K members in our Discord as the board and will communicate to you as such. I haven’t seen it done elsewhere but let’s try.✅
  2. Project Update Comm — To help facilitate information flow, we will have weekly BD and Analytics Project Updates. This is so that everyone is on the same page and can help feedback to the management and Team Atadia better. ✅
  3. Team Atadia Code-of-Conduct and Employee Benefits — We expect everyone in our team to uphold our 4 values (let us know if they fail so).
    1) Customer & holder-first mindset
    2) Pride, Purpose, Omotenashi
    3) Don’t be a dick
    4) Agility, Openness, and Positivity
    and we do offer competitive employee benefits such as special loans, performance-based $ATA pay, Merch, and Portals Genesis Citizen Cards.✅
  4. Refreshed Holder Benefits — In June, we plan to refresh the benefits for holders (aside from already entitled to at least 50% of $ATA supply) especially those who hold multiples. ⏱
  5. Atadia Brand Launch — For maximum impact, we will do a formal Brand Launch some time in Q3 along with the translated Atadia novel in English 📖 . The translation of my novel is now 30% complete and the first draft is expected to be done by end of June. ⏱

7. Merch round 1 & 2

You can almost feel the clouds and hear the birds sing in this Limited Edition Print on Canvas

And what brand can be complete without some awesome merch!

We’re happy to roll out pre-orders for Merch Round 1 in a few more days.

Here are some samples:

  • OG Atadian NFT Highest Fidelity Print (from the only printing shop trusted by our Art Master throughout her career)
Next-level prints. We’re not even an art-only project 🔥
  • Atadia T-shirt (we’ve tried many vendors, only this one passed our Art Master’s quality check for the shirt and the screen)
Somebody pls call Hermès for collab…
  • Atadia Hoodie (low-profile, clean Atadia branded Hoodie for everyday wear)
  • Atadia Laptop Sticker Pack (these are ultra cool and will turn heads)
Stickers that stick out because of its superior quality
  • Limited Edition Print on Canvas (these are the ultimate Atadian Merch with handcrafted wooden frame. The craftsmanship for this type of framing is no joke…I legit complained to our Art Master why framing takes so long. I now will shut up)
The only way I can describe the frame quality is if your family’s done framing for 100 years+ and are now crafting Macbook Pros with just wood and barehands...

Look out for announcements on Pre-orders in the coming days. 👀👀👀

What about round 2?

We will start incorporating community suggestions to the merch production pipeline and some more “special” ideas that require more time.

Here’s a spill…fellow Atadians….do you smell that?

Something’s brewing… is that a familiar hint of…copium?

Too many puns? I think so too. Let’s move on.

8. CryoStaking

Something beneath Strange Pond is calling you

With the four factions scoring so many CryoStake points in our intense Alternate Reality Game (ARG), soon you will have the option to CryoStake your OG Atadians 🥶🥶🥶🥶

👉 What does that mean exactly?

When CryoStake points reach 100, the CryoStake Smart Contract hidden somewhere in Atadia will initialize. CryoStake is for holders who are interested in extremely long term staking. So long that their OG Atadians will freeze to death until after the IDO.

Inspired by the novel, many Atadians are fed up with the Detha Regime that they’d rather freeze themselves to death, letting their tokens do their thing for 100+ years until they can return again as Kings and Queens.

CryoStakers will receive additional $ATA emissions from a separate pool of 50,000,000 $ATA (5% of supply).

High Level Guide:

  1. Devote however many OG Atadians you are willing to forgo forever
  2. You may be required to acquire a few things for this long journey
  3. Send your Atadians to our frozen chambers (a separate farm). You will not be able to unstake them (may be you can… if you CryoStake yourself with Alcor and “outlive” our team…NFA + DYOR 😂 ).
  4. The amount of $ATA to be allocated to each CryoStaker will be determined by the total demand

*CryoStakers do not lose access to AtaDAO.

**After the IDO, CryoStakers will receive “Awakened OG Atadians” who are essentially “reborn” and will not only look cool af but also gain $PTT advantages for long-term governance.


Actual timeline is subject to change due to market volatility but we intend to release most of what was written above in the following order:

  1. PoLo with upgraded UI (✅)
  2. Merch Round 1 (May 22)
  3. Atadian Pass & PFPscore V0 (June 22)
  4. Atadian Handshakes (June 22)
  5. Holders Benefits Revamped (June 22)
  6. Initiating IPES (July 22)
  7. Merch Round 2 (July-August 22)
  8. Brand Launch + English Novel Drop (July-August 22)
  9. CryoStaking (Depending on ARG progress)