Atadia: Roadmap 3.0



It’s been a while since our previous roadmap update back in May 2022.

A lot has changed in the crypto world but one thing remains unchanged: Atadia is building nonstop toward our vision 🔥 and we’re super excited to share with you what lies ahead.

1. Entering Product Phase

A few months ago, Atadia was literally just a collection of ideas from our founder’s novel. Since then, we have grown into a full-blown Web3 analytics company, thanks to all of you 🙏.

👉 If you haven't already, check out our Updated Whitepaper.

Our VISION is to enable more powerful Web3 use-cases through the use of User Profile Data. We envision a future where user profile data permeate the internet even more efficiently and openly than currently.

To date, we are happy to say that we have achieved 3 core capabilities.

1️⃣ Data Engineering
— Pull, parse, index, store, and package historical Solana txn data into a familiar format for data scientists
— Increase computation speed by at least 10x vs. 4 months ago

2️⃣ Data Science
— Enable MLOps with on-chain data (e.g. credit scoring and wallet clustering)
— Enable custom algos (e.g. ranking WL candidates based on on-chain behavior through PoLo and running wash trades surveillance)

3️⃣ Data-driven Token Management
Build end-to-end, zero-collateral underwriting decision engine based on on-chain conduct (e.g. Lending Lab)

With these under our belt, Atadia is officially moving to the Product Phase where we focus on iterating with users and communities towards use-cases with the highest returns while making progress towards the long-term vision.

What to expect:
- Focus on iterating our products and services with early adopters toward PMF
- Achieve higher technical performance of our data platform
- Move closer towards open source and verifiability as much as we can

2. Enabling new use-cases with gmDATA

After several MVPs & POCs, gmDATA is our first product 🎉 🎉🎉 and the idea is simple:

Using Web3 user profile data should be as easy as saying “gm.”

In Web2, user profile data is usually kept, owned and monetized in isolation, exclusively by tech giants. Web3 has made this data much more “public” and available even to the smallest dApps/users.

The challenge of Web3 profile data though has to do with unfriendly formatting, extreme anonymity, and storage.

gmDATA tackles all of that to enable 3 powerful actions:

1️⃣ First, GET User Profile Data. This means allowing people/projects to consume user profile data more easily.

We currently maintain hundreds of profile attributes and we keep adding more each day 🙌

If you know a project or someone who may want to consume these, they’re already available via API.

2️⃣ Second, VISUALIZE with User Profile Data. Soon we will allow everyone to experience Web3 from new perspectives and hopefully aid their analyses and decision-making 🤝.

We’ve been playing with the data offline for a while now before we push it online soon

We’re especially excited to help users who are not devs or data scientists fulfill their data needs and learn more about their pain points.

3️⃣ Third, Data-driven Token Management. We plan to help enable token-related actions like airdropping, burning, emitting, allocating WL, lending, gifting, and etc based on User Profile Data.

😉 You will quickly realize that this will bleed into lead generation and other huge Web2-esque use-cases like digital marketing and lead generation pretty soon 👀.

What to expect:
- Higher performance and more variety of API services
- More integrations with other ecosystem service providers
- gmDATA Dashboards
- Data-driven token management as a service based on whatever personas
- Atadia Discord Bot: on-chain roles
- gmDATA on a second Layer1

3. Pioneering credit risk & identity management

We are grateful & proud to lead Web3 Credit Risk efforts on Solana with the support from the Solana Foundation 🤝🤝🎉🎉.

From 3 phases of Lending Lab, we have originated approximately 
~$300,000 USD worth of zero-collateral, zero-KYC short-term loans.

Our default rates have come down from ~26% in Phase 1 to ~3-4% in Phase3.

Comparing to other credit risk projects on Web3, Atadia is either comparable or way ahead 💪 💪 💪.

Because there’s evidence that on-chain credit scoring is possible (and on-chain factors are predictive of risk), we are now positioned to SCALE our credit risk capability in 2 phases.

Phase 1: Identity management & profile-building

It all starts with identity.

“Identity is a foundational element of credit.

It is what ties everything together.”

Our direction is to make identity management & on-chain profile building more fun and worthwhile. We also want to expand the definition of “Web3 Credit” beyond finance and explore other related use-cases such as reputation.

Some examples of how your on-chain credit can be put to good use!
- special WL eligibility through PoLo
- instant zero-collateral loan via Lending Lab
- more ways to flex your credit
- score integrations with other DeFi or NFTfi partners
- and more!

Phase 2: Lending Lab Pool(s)

Post-IDO, we plan to launch a special pool to source funds from folks who would like to earn APY through the Lending Lab. This will allow Atadia to also have more room to innovate towards newer Web3 credit products.

🚀Check our documentation on how we determine the scores and our credit risk articles for our thinking behind Web3 credit.

What to expect:
- Redesigning of Atadian Pass experience to make it less complex and more fun
- Spectacularly complex mass airdrops 👀
- Post-IDO Lending Lab Pool(s)
- Atadia Discord Bot: Loan Status
- Atadia Discord Bot: Credit & Reputation Check

5. VOGA’23 Release

Vision OG Atadians 2023 (VOGA’23) are special NFTs that function like “bonds,” emitting $ATA based on their own schedules.

While only those who chose to CryoStake their OGAs back in October 2022 can claim VOGA’23, don’t worry if you missed the boat! Anyone can buy VOGA’23 listed on secondary once they are released.

Over 30% of Atadians chose to stake for 32 years 🤯.

As for the VOGA’23 art, they will be more avant-garde looking. We’re 99% done with them and the art reveal will happen in early 2023.

What does the future hold? Consult a VOGA’23 near you.

Each VOGA’23 will have its own “vintage” mark on the top left of the image, indicating its emission schedule chosen during CryoStake.

Easy to recognize both on-chain and on-paper

🗓 Most importantly, mark your calendar 🗓

In roughly 32 years, we will have a once-in-a-lifetime rendezvous to celebrate and thaw those CryoStaked OG Atadians together in public.

Date: October 25th 2054
Location: TBA → 👀 hints will be revealed along with the IDO
Don’t forget: Proof of ownership
Attire: Black and White

If you don’t think you’ll be around in 2054, send your offsprings ser.

What to expect:
- Lots of VOGA'23 teasers
- 2 more Hero shards to claim!
- Hints re: rendezvous location

6. Leading Market Surveillance on Solana

People often say that decentralized ecosystems without a regulator can invite scams and manipulators. That’s not far from the truth.

But if anything, the events toward the end of 2022 taught us that even centralized, heavily regulated entities could also wreck havoc on consumers and create systemic risks across global markets.

The most important thing isn’t whether centralization or decentralization is strictly better.

At the end of the day, it’s about results.

It’s about the effectiveness of the tools or the measures that can at least warn consumers or at best disincentivize bad conduct altogether.

While anonymity and absence of a designated regulatory body open up some opportunities for savvy bad actors in Web3, there are uniquely effective ways to handle them here too.

Atadia will take the lead and offer public safety services for the Solana ecosystem.

The 3 areas we will dedicate our resources to help are:

  1. Malpractice Detection → issues alerts for wash trading
  2. Data-driven Anti-Botting Measures → complements other anti-botting measures
  3. Web-of-Wallets Check → assists wallet tracking and investigation

It’s time to show the world that even in an unregulated space, sensible and effective surveillance solutions are possible.

⚠️ We also can’t possibly cover everything. If you would like to collaborate, let us know!

What to expect:
- Pushing public safety services to the general public
- Atadia Discord Bot: Safety Alerts
- Iterating towards a sustainable revenue model to support these services

7. Becoming an Atadian (for real)

Merch pre-order round 2 will open any day now 👀.

One of the most unique aspects of Atadia is our uncommon origin.

In The Lost City of Atadia, our founder foresaw that one day humanity will face a critical decision: how do we use data technologies like AI and Blockchain in a way that propels us forward? What can we do to make sure they’re not in the hands of a few? That they’re used for good?

With the remarkable advancements like ChatGPT and the recent CEX and crypto lending meltdowns that sparked debates around centralization vs. decentralization, that decision is coming sooner than we all think.

While much of world is just starting to learn about these technologies (especially around Web3, DAOs, and NFTs), you can choose to lead by actually becoming an Atadian.

Not just holding. Becoming.

By becoming an Atadian, you are the change agent who upholds our core values and guides the rest of humanity towards the right direction. Make sure that in 2054 the world doesn’t end up the way it did in the beginning of the novel.

The clock is ticking and we’ve only got around 31–32 years to make it right.

…and what better way to start your new citizenship by immersing yourself in the epic lore that started it all 👇👇👇

Finally, The Lost City of Atadia: Genesis Edition is now ready 👏👏👏

This full English adaptation of the original novel also contains at least 30+ cameo appearances of your favorite/notable Solana NFT personalities, projects, and OG Atadians.

- Utopian Dystopia & Cyberpunk Magical Realism

Timeline & Universe:
- The advent of the City of Atadia started thousands of years ago with the rise of Mu Civilization
- OG Atadians were born in 2022 and share the same timeline we’re in
- The story in The Lost City of Atadia takes place in the future (2054 to be exact, the same year CryoStaked OG Atadians will be awakened)

You’ll enjoy this if you love …
- Books like 100 Years of Solitude, The Sandman, Snow Crash
- Shows like Altered Carbon, Westworld, Black Mirror
- Flipping jpegs

Endorsements from our good frens 👇

“An adventure through the technology at our door to understand freedom, and how urgent it is to build a good Atadia “

Forrest Galt

“The Lost City of Atadia serves as a powerful warning of when politicians realize that algorithms control the world and can reprogram people in a subtle way.”


“A masterpiece I enjoy reading before I upload myself”


“A thoughtful and beautifully written story that uses a dystopian future soaked in the brine of too much technology as a perfect counterpoint to express that what really matters is each other.”

Mercury Prime

“Data is a powerful tool and the story of Atadia shows the potential dangers of centralizing this vast information. A heartwarming story that brings in cultural references from our decentralized ecosystem. Entertaining, thoughtful, and engaging!”


That’s right, the Atadian culture starts with getting into the story, think about the world around you, enjoy our merch 👀, champion our values, and find more frens to join our family.

Cheers to 2023, the year we build our community in parallel from now to 2054!

What to expect:
- The Lost City of Atadia: Genesis Edition
- Merch round 2
- IRL meetups
- Activities and secrets hidden in the novel 👀

8. A Beautiful IDO in 2023Q1

The IDO will be one of the most beautiful ever 🥰

Our fundraise will be in late February to early March 2023 and it will be one of the most unique 👀.

Leading up to the IDO, our team will publish more information on the following:

  • The nature of this IDO, $ATA allocation, subsequent pool(s)
  • Tokenomics 2.0 with updated $ATA circulation & emissions (both current and future)
  • Proceeds usage plan

Cheers to a great 2022 and let’s rock 2023 together!